Roof repairs

Leaking Roof? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

At The Roof Guys we are committed to solving roof leaks in Perth. Whether you have a tiled or metal roof, we can put an end to your roof leaks with our help. It is important you act immediately on any signs of roof leaks on your property to avoid major damage, don`t wait call The Roof Guys.


Point Ridge Cap Repairs

Roof ridge capping, re-bedding of ridge capping and re-pointing of ridge capping are essential in ensuring the stability and seal of your roof. Get the roofing experts at The Roof Guys to ensure your ridge capping is done properly and that you have a guarantee to ensure the workmanship is going to last and you will get value for your money. We can manage ridge capping on even the most complex roofs. Give us a call today to get a free quote on your roof ridge capping in Perth.




Terracotta tiles will become covered in moss and lichen over time, this completely changes the appearance of a roof. The moisture in this growth can potentially weaken tiles over lengthy periods of time. The growth can also build up and cause blockages in the water channels on the tiles. This will cause an internal leak resulting in ceiling or structural damage if left unchecked.



Valley Replacement

Often in our roof inspections we find valleys irons that are deteriorated and rusting. It is important to replace these valley irons to ensure the roof remains water tight and is free from leaks. Valleys can be supplied in zinc or Colorbond colours to suit the existing roof.



We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and will deliver a superior service at a competitive price. Speak to The Roof Guys for a fast and free quote, Call us on 0410 786 188.